Cybersecurity Awareness and Training for SMEs: challenges and solutions

27 octobre 2021
11h45 - 12h30

Résumé de la présentation

An essential component of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy is building awareness and education of online threats, and how to protect corporate data and services. This lecture will focus on this topic and present the challenges that SMEs are facing in protecting their business. In addition, a high-level programme for cybersecurity education and awareness to be used when targeting Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprises/Businesses (SMEs/SMBs) will be presented.   

Maria Bada

Maria Bada is a Lecturer in Psychology at Queen Mary University in London and a RISCS Fellow on cybercrime. Her research focuses on the human aspects of cybercrime and cybersecurity, such as profiling online offenders, studying their psychologies and pathways towards online deviance as well as the ways to combat cybercrime through tools and capacity building. She is a member of the National Risk Assessment (NRA) Behavioural Science Expert Group in the UK, working on the social and psychological impact of cyber-attacks on members of the public. She has a background in cyberpsychology, and she is a member of the British Psychological Society and the National Counselling Society.